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Anna is a seasoned professional with a skillset that is matched by her fantastic attitude. She bought a Jeep from us and in a matter of minutes she shot an awesome video of her new Jeep WHILE also managing her children, who were even more excited than she was that day. We could not believe how good the video looked given that she recorded everything so effortlessly. A wonderful person to work with!
Jaime Client
I highly recommend A Media Life to anybody and Anna is so professional and understands what we need and delivers 200%. Im soo happy I found A media Life and you should check it out. Keep it up the good work and wish you all the very best.
Dilip Client
I started with “A Media Life” with confidence from the beginning. I was treated with respect and felt that I was in good hands right away. The level of old fashioned customer service was pleasantly surprising and I know unequivocally that I have made the right choice !!
Shelley Client
Exceeded my expectations! Anna from A Media Life was amazing to work with. Knowledgeable, Patient and Delivered Excellence. I am so happy I found Anna-A Media Life to work with . Am already working on a 2nd peoject with her and will be doing more again. I highly recommend.
Miroslawa Client
Absolutely amazing experience working with A Media Life. Professional, courteous, patient, and helped guide me through the entire process. 5 stars is not sufficient to show how truly awesome the experience was, and final product was far superior to anything I could have anticipated. Don’t look further. This is the best you’ll ever find.
Pam Client
I really appreciate the knowledge, and professional approach. However the most important for me was a patience with understanding of my needs . I needed someone who would feel who I am and what I want to deliver to my clients and I found that person in Media life . Thank you Anna .
Catherina Client
Amazing experience. Very kind people. They see human first before money. Highly recommended. Deserves 100 stars
Garly Client
Anna has gone above and beyond for the creation of my App; Studentgizor. I brought this App to her with a two month deadline, broken coding and a list of demands as I needed the App released in time for school. Anna responded to me within minutes of posting an Ad and assured me that my App would be saved, she would take care of it. From that moment, I knew I could trust her. She is an outstanding expert in all media related inquiries and a diligent coder. Her output is detailed and she stepped up to the plate; working 24 hours a day for two months. I can finally release my business to the public but without her it would not of happened. I will use her for every media business need and I can’t wait to create a long-lasting professional relationship. Anna’s amazing character, optimism and professionalism are some of her advantages. Her kindness and reassurance will always hold a special place for me.
Megan Cook Client
Anna from A Media Life is a skilled professional with great understanding of customer needs. We are looking forward to many more projects with Anna from A Media Life. You can step in with confidence!!!
Irshy Client